Boob mugs @ SCA

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

Tomorrow night is the opening of a new project that I have curated by artist Alice Lang as part of Curating Feminism, coordinated by the Sydney College of the Art’s Contemporary Art and Feminism research cluster.

Curating Feminism: Opening Thursday 23 October, SCA Galleries, 7 pm, exhibition runs until Friday 7 November

The curators, in choosing and then working with the artists, were asked to explore the following questions and attempt to develop strategies that bring fresh insights into these pressing issues: What might curatorial activism look like, especially in the realm of gender? What does it mean to be a feminist curator, or to adopt a feminist curatorial method? ‘Curating Feminism’ addresses ideas around the ethics of collaboration between artist and curator to facilitate the logistics of the laboratory-style approach. It adopts the curatorial model of one curator, one artist/artist collective as a deliberate strategy to decentralize the curatorial process. It includes a long installation period to give the curators and artists the rare chance to work in the galleries as a process space, and to explore ideas of activism/feminism in the making/curatorial process as much as in the finished work. ‘Curating Feminism’ envisages the gallery as a creative space for discussion, interaction and activism.

Curators: artists
Co-ordinating Curator: Jacqueline Millner
Kelly Doley (Syd): Hissy Fit
Elvis Richardson/Virginia Fraser (Melb): The Countess Project
Laura Castagnini (Melb/London): Alice Lang
Jo Holder (Syd): Euraba Papermakers
Brigid Noone (Adelaide): Soda_Jerk
Jacqueline Millner (Syd): Philipa Veitch
Jo Holder (Syd)/Alana Hunt (Warmun): Shirley Purdie, Alana Hunt and others

The exhibition is part of a larger program including a conference (featuring keynotes by Maura Reilly and Michael Birchall), curatorial masterclasses, and a wiki-feminism event.