Photos #AliceLangOriginals

Part of of Curating Feminisms Exhibition
Presented by Contemporary Art and Feminism (CAF)
Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney
October 24 – Friday 7 November, 2014

Alice Lang Originals are an ongoing series of porcelain boob mugs created from a 3D body scan of the artists’ own breasts in the style of overblown novelty mugs sourced from the internet. For the exhibition Curating Feminisms, thirty “Alice Lang Original” mugs were fabricated, packaged and mailed as unsolicited “gifts” to admired curators, gallerists and critics. They are announced by a letter congratulating the recipient on receiving the mug and asking them to document their interactions with it on instagram using the hashtag #AliceLangOriginals – thus awkwardly transforming the gift into an inappropriate vessel for artist self- promotion that parodies the objectification, dissemination and consumption of anonymous women’s bodies.

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