BACKFLIP: Panel Discussion 1 Acting Out
nat&ali, Hannah Raisin, Linda Sproul
2 May, 2013

Is feminist performance art subversive or transgressive? What is feminism, anyway? How has the institutional acceptance and changing physical context of performance art affected practice? What is the role of provocation in feminist performance and has this shifted over time?

Acting Out invites three artists and collectives from Melbourne to examine the subversive strategies of their own practices as well as consider the possibilities that humorous performance presents for feminism. In the years following their graduation from VCA in 1998, nat&ali’s “acting up” at openings and in public added a new dimension to their ongoing interest in celebrity, failure, and institutional critique and soon became an integral aspect of their practice. Linda Sproul, on the other hand, consciously aims to “vex” (rather than provoke) her audience through her performances and present them with experiences that are beyond language. Emerging artist Hannah Raisin considers the shift in her practice from transgression of the status quo to imaginative propositions for a fluid and borderless future. Presenting work that spans the last two decades, speakers will address the changing contexts of performance art as it traverses live art, theatre, performative video and everyday “showing off”.

Documentation of this event is available via
Margaret Lawrence Gallery.