Image credits: Catherine Bell, still from This LittlePiggy…Fades to Pink, 2003, courtesy the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.

BACKFLIP: Panel Discussion 2 ‘What’s So Funny?’
Catherine Bell, Catriona Moore, Diana Smith
9 May, 2013

Can feminists be funny? Why is feminism so often construed as dry, dull and humourless? What strategies of subversion are utilised by feminist artists, now and in the past? How does an appreciation of feminist humour enable us to re-curate, re-read, and re-write feminist art history?

Panel Two: “What’s So Funny?” will try to unpack the dense topic of feminist humour. The three panellists will each focus on a specific strategy of funny feminist practice to discuss its utilisation and reception in art and the broader social sphere. Dr Catriona Moore, one of Australia’s leading feminist art academics and author of Dissonance: Feminism and the Arts 1970-90, will focus on the dirty joke, parody and the influence of the 1970s and 1980s on contemporary art. Artist Catherine Bell will examine the inherent dark humour of her work as a way to highlight social and personal tensions. Diana Smith, a member of Sydney based collective Brown Council, will trace their attempt to locate the line between performance art and comedy through investigation of tropes such as slapstick and the absurd.

Documentation of this event is available via
Margaret Lawrence Gallery.