The Big Rainbow Funhouse of Cosmic Brutality
24 June- 8 July, 2008
O Projects

In The Big Rainbow Funhouse of Cosmic Brutality, Paul Yore bombards our senses with “colourful vomit”; an explosion of kitsch plastic flowers, toys, beer bottles, Tibetan flags, fountains, fairy lights, music and play- doh. The process seems playfully decorative and childlike, yet the resulting artwork appears almost ridiculous. Why on earth would a grown man spend so much time decorating colourful junk? Confusing and pointless, it is a monument to the absurd.

In bird-like fashion Yore has obsessively collected the plastic detritus of our wasteful society and arranged it into this enormous vibrant nest. The work has a has a life of it’s own; it began with a desk and chair in his studio at Monash but soon spilled into neighbouring studios and has since morphed into the all- encompassing sensory overload that has taken over O Projects. Yore’s work is decorative and fun yet also highlights the wastefulness of our culture; the high production rate of such plastic goods is exhausting our limited natural resources and leaking pollution into the atmosphere. In an ironic paradox; these objects (such as plastic flowers or twinkling lights) are an artificial recreation of nature yet are slowly destroying the very environment they are emulating.

This exhibition was later toured to Heide Museum of Modern Art.