Echoes of Gold
19 August- 4 September, 2008
O Projects

Virtually wandering through the deserted landscapes of “Echoes of Gold” one feels vaguely expectant, that something magical could suddenly occur at any moment. Innumerable fairy tales are based in similar settings. Children romanticise them with capital letters; “The Desert”, “The Mountains” or “Under the Sea”. Anything could happen.

“Echoes of Gold” is a video-installation that takes the viewer to un- inhabited lands of mysterious origins. The artists invite you to climb aboard a fabricated boat to be transported from the ordinary into the imaginary.  This fantastical enviro-vision reunites one with ‘nature’ as an escape from the everyday. A frightening glimpse into the future and a parody of our quick fix culture, it takes us on a ten minute holiday to a simulation of nature. To vast empty expanses of make-believe landscape where we can shut off our brains and soak in the glitter. Play-doh replaces cliff tops and blue cellophane substitutes the ocean in picturesque natural beauty for the future. “Echoes of Gold” is at once a critique of our advancing technological culture and a celebration of artistic playfulness and exploration.

Exhibition catalogue