I met Rose Gibbs in December 2015 when I attended a two-day workshop at the Showroom in London entitled, fittingly, Our Future Network. Led by the artist Alex Martinis Roe, our small group of participants experimented with feminist collective strategies by undertaking a series of exercises developed from research into the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective’s practices from the 1970s to today. Several months later, I saw Rose again at the opening of Sharon Hayes’ first UK solo exhibition, In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You, at Studio Voltaire, where I learned that she had assisted in the project’s development by undertaking its research of lesbian archives in the UK. Considering the links between Martinis Roe and Hayes’ works, which both perform a literal re-staging of collective activist practices developed in the 1960s and 1970s, and Rose and my shared participation as audience members (as well as Rose’s more formal involvement in Hayes’s project as researcher for the UK archives), it seemed apt to ask Rose to reflect on these two projects with me. What follows is our conversational review, written as a series of snippets and exchanges in response to one another’s texts.

Link: http://unprojects.org.au/magazine/issues/issue-10-2/restaging-the-collective/