Platform Artist Group Inc.
Outside the Square, Inside my Box
1- 31 December, 2009

“Outside the Square, Inside my Box” comprises of two video ‘drawings’ of the artist’s body, Orifice: Slow Suck Part II (2009) and Nude Thump (2009). Roberta Rich is interested in exploring awkward and confronting bodily actions and displaying them within manipulated loops of video footage. The result is an absurd, repetitious canvas that fuses a feminist visuality with an experimental, masculine soundtrack. The work is manufactured within the broader context of video-art and feminist performance but remains, at its essence, a genuine interrogation of the artist’s own female body, its socio-political location, and its function as an expressive medium in itself. Moreover, she is choosing to deliberately position her body as both a vulnerable and increasingly complex, challenging entity – as the subject of the voyeuristic gaze.