All images courtesy the artists and Anna Pappas Gallery.

Anna Pappas Gallery
7 February – 10 March, 2012

Artists: Ben Coonley, Ross Coulter & Meredith Turnbull, Sue Dodd, Cait Foran & Zoe Scoglio, Tony Garifalakis, Lucas Grogan, Irene Hanenbergh, Heidi Holmes, Marco Paulo Rolla, Darren Sylvester, Salote Tawale, Malcolm Whittaker, Danae Valenza.
Curators: Anna Pappas and Laura Castagnini

We fall in love, we fumble for a pencil. Or a paintbrush. Or a video camera. Through the ages people have grappled with how to express the confusing emotion that is love. This Is Not A Love Song brings together new works by contemporary artists which explore the relationship between romance and popular culture. Responses range from earnest love letters to parodies of the clichéd romance found in pop songs. This Is Not A Love Song includes works by both local and international artists, some of who have never made public any artwork that professes affection, thereby presenting a playful and varied approach to the depiction of love.

Catalogue essays:
Laura Castagnini, Curatorial statement
Damian Smith, Is this not a love song?

Further documentation:
Video of exhibition

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