VCA Video Lounge

Included within the exhibition BACKFLIP: Feminism and Humour in Contemporary Art was the VCA Video Lounge; an archive of funny feminist videos made by former students during their time at the VCA School of Art.

Artists: Santina Amato, Jessie Angwin, Elena Betros, Maggie Brown, Martha Ackroyd Curtis, Katya Grokhovsky , Danielle Hakim, Heidi Holmes, Hit & Miss, Kate Just, Anastasia Klose, Kiera Brew Kurec, Anna Leaton, Sarah Lynch, Kym Maxwell, Kate Meakin, Adelle Mills, Nina Mulhall, Nat & Ali, Judy Perfect, Hannah Raisin, Emily Taylor, Kalinda Vary, Inez de Vega, Kellie Wells.