Whitechapel Gallery – Artists’ Moving Image practice in Britain from the 1990s to now

Posted on Nov 6, 2015

I’m thrilled to be presenting at Whitechapel Gallery tomorrow at the conference “Artists’ Moving Image practice in Britain from the 1990s to now.” I’m speaking on the Performing Identities panel, alongside Ayanna Dozier, Rachel Garfield and Diana Smith, to the following brief:

“In this paper I analyse two examples of contemporary British feminist video art installation through the lens of parody embedded in Amelia Jones’ notion of ‘parafeminism’: a form of feminism that runs ‘parallel to’ and ‘builds upon’ earlier strategies. Case studies include Julie Verhoeven’s comical video installation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Whiskers Between My Legs (2014) and Emma Hart’s anxiety inducing presentation at the Folkestone Triennial, Giving It All That (2014). I argue that Verhoeven and Hart enact a range of parodic strategies – exaggerating notions of class and ‘bad taste’ while mocking second wave representation of the essentialist female body – to reimagine feminist moving image practice.”

Image: Emma Hart, Giving It All That, Folkestone Triennial, 2014.Photograph by Thierry Bal.